"If you could tell your high school self" Tag-Game

This weekend is the Commencement ceremony for the high school I teach at (I'm in the middle school and our Moving-Up ceremony is Friday). I decided to start a Tag-game called: "If you could tell your high school self 5 things, what would they be?" The rules are the same for all other Blog-Tag games.

List 5 things you would tell your high school self,
Tag 5 other people to be 'it.'

Here are my 5 things:

1) I would tell myself where I could buy a flat-iron and highly suggest I use it. Thick and frizzy hair was not fun in high school. Oh and the grunge thing? Don't do it...it's not you...your not "dark and twisty." And that Sesame Street craze? Leave it for the kiddies.

2) Try Pilates or at least see a nutritionist, again. You don't want to wait until senior year to figure out a way to healthy living.

3) Hey, guess what, there are careers out there for people who like Layout, Design, etc. It's not a dead industry. Look into it!

4) Yeah so, it's not necessary to like every boy who is in your class. There are other ways to occupy your time...like say....actually...without a car or a 21-year old license, there really isn't that much better to do with your time in high school. But lay off the Frappuccinos...they taste good but they are sooo high in calories and fat. One a day is not in moderation.

5) Negotiate with the 'rents to try having a job during the school year. You want to learn budgeting both time and money. These are really essential qualities that you will want to learn much earlier than your 20s.

Ok...now it's your turn: Megan Garnhum at A Girl Must Shop, Maria & Stefano at Baaahhhh Project, Deb at Surviving NJ, Michele at Online Shopping Bargains, Whiplashgirlchild at Fashion Under $100, and Team Sugar at PopSugar.com.


Maria & Stefano said...

This is great!!! Just give me sometime and I'm on it...uhhh the frizzy hair hehehe...

Maria & Stefano said...

Done...so much fun!!

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