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I just signed up with Blockbuster Online and I was already impressed that my movies showed up 2 days after I put them in my queue. They sent me 3!

This is not a review, merely just a hey, this is what I just watched and my brief rating:

Notes on a Scandal: ooohhh so good. Judi Dench is caaareeeepy! Kate Blanchett is wonderful as a emotionally vulnerable teacher who strikes up an affair with her student. Judi Dench is a veteran teacher with whom she befriends not without some consequences. The rest is a roller coaster. 5 stars!

High Art: The drug scenes were a little uncomfortable to watch, but it was a good departure for Ally Sheedy before she went all Buried Alive on us. I really like Indie flicks..the kind you find at the film festivals. Don't watch this if you are a little weirded out be drugs and lesbian scenes. It was a powerful movie, but I wasn't as drawn into it like Notes. 3 1/2 stars.

Next up: Borat!

In my queue: I Capture the Castle, Catch and Release, Because I Said So, Dead Girl, Queen, Brick, Forty Shades of Blue, All the Real Girls, and I'm With Lucy.

**If you've seen any in my queue and have any comments, please feel free...

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Maria & Stefano said...

I watched Note on a Scandal not too long ago...I loved it...they were so amazing all of them...

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