Big Style in a Small Town: Patina Home

Rob and I took a brief stroll in a fairly new store in Cranbury called Patina Home. It replaced the hometown hardware store, which I will gladly admit that I have shopped in a few times. Anyway...I fell in love with this place from the outside stoop! When you walk in, it is as if you have entered a Hampton's or New England design studio. The home goods in this store are bright, cheerful, full of brilliant color and design, and simply divine.

You can find anything from table linens, to stationary, to coasters, to rugs and bedding. And products from top-notch companies as well. When I get some more time, I will browse more and take pictures, but here is a sampling of the companies you'll find at Patina Home:

Make a stop at Patina Home and marvel at the cuteness that Cranbury is. Stay awhile if you can. Stop in to Hannah & Mason's or Cranbury Pizza for lunch. You will be happy you did. It really is like a movie town.

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