Vitamin B12 Shots? For What!?

Since work (school for the kids) was cancelled today due to the flooding, I caught up on some morning tv. I always hit the Style Network as one of my first stops!

I was happy to see the Isaac Mizrahi show airing new episodes. Today, Isaac went shopping with Maria Menounos at trendy LA boutique, Kitson. Yadda Yadda...she told him that one of her secrets was B 12 shots. I'm thinking...for wrinkles? a form of Botox? Birth Control?!!

So..I did a little research and I found that B12 shots are commonly used to combat chronic fatigue syndrome, but many people claim it helps with weight loss. Is this the celebrity secret to being perky on very little sleep? Where does the common woman get some love!

I'm curious to hear the tried and succeeded stories of B12 shots.

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