A Trip Down Memory Lane:1993-1997

My 10-year high school reunion is this weekend and I've been reminiscing over all the bad bad bad fashion choices I made, or maybe the Generation X made during my high school years.

We were strongly influenced by Grunge Rock(Nirvana, Pearl Jam) and the California style of 90210. Clothing companies like The Gap and J.Crew were HUGE at my school and every girl had the same Gap green plaid skirt. Wearing blazers were also very hip. The 1990s also introduced baby-T's and the babydoll dress which has come back in a much better way. Bright primary colors were also a popular contrast to the earth tones of grunge.

For Part 1 of my trip, I've searched for some fashion trends that originated and died out in the 90s. Some have resurfaced, in a much better form, and others will hopefully stay dead and buried!

Please add your own memories!!

1 comment:

Pat Allosaurs said...

I have got to admit, those stompin' three strap Mary Janes are gorgeous!

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