How is an iPod like a Baseball Cap?

They both can be used to cheat.

Kids think that they are being clever with their array of cheating strategies. What they don't think about is their wandering eye off their paper. Teachers can spot cheaters pretty dead on (at least if they are paying attention) thus making the cheating devices more hi-tech.

Enter the iPod. Most schools prohibit the use of electronic devices during the day as it is, but that never stops kids from texting each other in class or sliding an earphone through their clothes to hide behind their hair.

But now, according to, the iPod is being used as the latest cheating device. Out with the old, in the with new I suppose. And how did the writers of the article you'll read find out? The teachers! We hear you even when you whisper. Don't kids know that teachers have bionic eyes AND ears? Read on for more on the iPod cheater.

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