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Hilary Morris is an educator turned blogger and public relations professional. Known for her New Jersey blog, Mrs. Mo's New Jersey, Hilary runs her own pr/event planning firm, H. Morris Solutions, LLC where she has acted as a social media consultant and event planner for numerous New Jersey companies.  When she is not blogging and working with clients, Hilary is also the Managing Editor for NJMyWay.com where she handles the editorial calendar, ad sales and social networking for the site. Learn more about Hilary below.

Blogging Beginnings
It started with a blog: Mrs Mo's New Jersey. Finding, writing and promoting NJ people, places and businesses. Giving small businesses and entrepreneurs another voice and supporting the "local" economy.  Some of the people/businesses that Hilary has featured are: NJWedding.com, Funni Bonz BBQ Sauce, Fine Ingredients, Fairway Market, Little Miss Julia, ComputerTots, Buffalo Nickel Wingers (NJMyWay), The aLoft Hotel (NJMyWay), The Evac+Chair, and more!

As of Monday, June 7th, I am shutting down regular operations of the blog to focus on my business and NJMyWay.com.

Mompreneur Madness!
Less than a year after her daughter was born, Hilary launched her own public relations and strategic planning firm, H. Morris Solutions, LLC.  H. Morris Solutions works with small business, entrepreneurs and individuals looking to grow a brand on a limited budget. With her blogging and social networking success, Hilary has connected with companies looking to promote their brand through social media platforms. Most recently, she coordinated a regional blogger series for Debbie Schaeffer, CEO of Mrs G TV and Appliances co-sponsored by Electrolux. The 5-part series includes keynote speakers and networking opportunities for regional bloggers and like-minded professionals.

New Beginnings with NJMyWay
As Hilary worked on building and promoting Mrs Mo's and H. Morris Solutions, she kept writing and meeting people and getting out in NJ as much as she could (with her daughter en tow). Some of that writing was for NJMyWay.com, a New Jersey website that sends unique daily e-blasts giving readers the scoop on what's hot in shopping, dining, business and more. Almost 6 months after writing for the site, she was offered the Managing Editor position and the rest is history.

Contact sales@njmyway.com for advertising opportunities and rates.

Local Voice
Hilary is a resident of Princeton, NJ where she also blogs for the local paper, The Princeton Packet. You can find the blog at packetinsider.com/blog/Princeton.

Cherry on Top!
The best part of it all for Hilary?  "Being able to stay home with my daughter and balance being an entrepreneur and a mom.  While it's difficult to find enough time in the day, I'm making it work. It's not easy, but I've been comforted knowing that I'm not alone. I've met some amazing women through my blog and Twitter who are going through the same thing." 

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Hilary Morris is available for the following services:
  • Speaking about social media to your organization/group
  • Social media consulting
  • Blogger event coordination/planning (including day-of services)
 Contact: hmorris@hmorris-solutions.com or 609-462-3228

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