Week of Weddings: Gift ideas for the wedding party, bride, and groom

Tara M. Clapper, Atlantic City Wedding Planning Examiner

Handmade jewelry is something that all of my friends are doing (I did this, too). Either the bride makes the jewelry herself or hires a friend to make it. This also minimizes the cost that the bridesmaids need to spend on their attire because they won't have to buy new or matching necklaces. If the guys are wearing something unusual, it's common courtesy for the groom to purchase the accessory as a gift (our guys were in kilts so my husband bought the skih dubhs or knives). 

Janna Morishima
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Photo jewelry makes a beautiful and very personal gift. We can create a charm bracelet with pictures of all the members of a bridal party, or a necklace with a picture of the bride for the mother of the bride, or a keychain with pictures of the happy couple for the father of the bride – there are many possibilities.

Kate Stevens, Catering Sales Manager
Branches Catering, www.branchescatering.com 

For my sister's wedding, they gave us cute tote bags with our names ( which came in so handy for the day of the wedding) , flip flops for beach photos, a necklace to match our dresses and also paid for our hair. They were personalized and practical-great for bridemaids!  The guys got " Maui Jims" designer sunglasses-great for wedding photos on the beach! 

Wendy Taffet
Enjou Chocolat, 8 DeHart Street, Morristown, NJ 07960, www.enjouchocolat.com

Edible wedding favors, like chocolate, make an impact on wedding guests and are now more popular than ever. Enjou makes our gourmet chocolates to match the theme of any wedding. They are a guaranteed conversation piece both at the reception and for years after. Edible favors show that you appreciate your guests  without giving them something that will cause more clutter. 

Carla Richards
Couture Envelopes,  www.coutureenvelopes.com

Couture Envelopes developed specific products as a result of surveying event guests. We found they wanted to feel more welcomed and appreciated when they attended a wedding, especially if they decided to stay overnight!

To support brides & grooms, we design individualized keepsake envelopes (and inserts) for welcoming guests, reminding them of a brunch, buffet, and all wedding "happenings" as well as area highlight information. The theme and party mood TRULY come to life as soon as guests enter the hotel and, it remains that way! Not only does each individual feel special but so does the bride and groom. These one-of-a-kind "communiques" enhance the total hotel experience by creating a strong connection, emotion and enthusiasm. 

For the groom
Kim Noel
KNP Boudoir,  400 W. Bridge Street Morrisville, PA, www.knpboudoir.com
I specialize in Boudoir Photography, KNP Boudoir, and have tons of brides to be come in to give their groom a sexy album of them for their wedding. A boudoir photo shoot makes an amazing gift for brides to give to their grooms.  The grooms are always pleasantly surprised!  I have found that while girls set up a session with their hubby to be in mind, they leave feeling beautiful, sexy and confident.  What bride does not deserve that!  Planning a wedding is a lot of work and a bride deserves to be pampered a little.  KNP Boudoir is about real women seeing how beautifully they really are.  The photos are sexy, but sophisticated with a little bit of sassy.  Boudoir sessions also make a great girls night out which is great for a bachelorette party. 

For the bride & groom
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Something I have been using for quite a few Christian weddings lately:
Creating Treasured Memories with "The Gathering Bowl":  The "Blessing-Gathering Bowl" allows wedding guests to share their with the happy couple.

Placing the Gathering Bowl at the entrance to your reception, your guests are asked to write a personalized "blessing" for couple.  The blessing is written on a small scroll, and is tied with a ribbon and dropped in the "Gathering Bowl." The couple will have their guests well wishes and blessings long after their wedding day, a treasured keepsake.


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