Does your vacuum pass the LOVE test?

Have you ever proclaimed love for your vacuum? 

I have.  I LOVE my Miele vacuum! 

My Miele S7 has received "passing with flying colors" grades in my test of what I think a perfect vacuum should be/do/have in addition to the ability to suck up dirt, dust, etc (as compared to my other bargain vacuum "B"): 

  1. The Sound Test: The Miele hums while it cleans rather than the growl that comes form vacuum "B".  When "B" comes out of the closet, Maddy expects to be scared. When I turn it on, she climbs up on the nearest safe zone and makes a pained noise.  While the Miele is in use, she goes about whatever she was doing. Sometimes, she wants to try it herself! 
  2. The Mobility Test: So it's not as light as a feather, but the Miele is definitely easier to carry up and down stairs than "B". The head of the vacuum (is that what it's called?) even collapses so that the entire body is one straight line. 
  3. The HEPA Test: Some vacuums that claim to have a HEPA filter still release particles into the air through the any slight opening in the unit.  Miele, however, can trap and retain 99.99% of fine particles with their Sealed System™ Design which is strengthened by a 3-stage process: 1) the air-tight unit crafted by the best raw materials, 2) the HyClean™ dust bag with self-sealing closure and 3) the certified HEPA filter that all together provide the purest air quality.  Check out this brief video clip showing how the vacuum seals closed when it starts up. 
  4. The Movement Test:  Let this video do the talking.  The swivel neck makes it easy to turn corners and reach under tables, chairs, etc. 
  5. The Hose Test: As you can see from this video, the stainless steal wand is already assembled and is easy to pull right out of the vacuum. There's no need to put multiple tube pieces together. And the 12-foot flexible hose extends your cleaning reach to almost 55 feet. 

I will never claim to be a master cleaner (that title I reserve for my husband), but I've learned a lot of the value of investing in high quality household products and appliances, not just electronics. And just so you know, these vacuums were designed and tested to pass Miele's 20-year life span or the equivalent of 1,000 hours! Think of how many vacuums you may go through in a 20 year period and how many of those disposed of vacuums sit in landfills.  When you invest in a product with longevity, you're also helping the environment.   I bet you never thought of that!

If you're thinking about upgrading to a vacuum like a Miele, you'll want to take the opportunity to do a test drive and speak to a salesperson about the features that are important to you.  Even better: The Miele US HQ is right in Princeton on 9 Independence Way.  Make an appointment to come and test out the products and you can even get some fresh brewed cappuccino during your visit.  

Disclaimer: I received the Miele S7 in exchange for reviews about the product and company 

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