What to Wear? St. Patty's Day Party Scene

The one day besides Halloween where adults can look ridiculous when partying in public is St. Patrick's Day. I don't think I need to go into all the Irish jokes about drinking, but hey- we can't help it if those with Irish Pride know how to have a good time! 

This week I was inspired by my sister's Facebook pictures from the rainy weekend of the Morristown St. Patty's Day Parade. She has a unique core group of friends who all share the same interest in playing dress-up for bar hopping (and not just for this particular holiday).  Each year that Caitlin has "participated" in the parade weekend, she has ordered a special t-shirt from a NJ company called Burn Tees. From the funny and the offensive to Dirty Jersey and holidays, Burn Tees has it all. 

While it's too late to place an order online for this St. Patty's Day, keep Burn Tees in mind for next year.  And in the meantime, take some inspiration from the ensembles below.  You might just have something deep within your closet or somewhere in your holiday decor box that works. 

If you can't go big to the bars on St. Patty's Day, then don't go at all!

Shirts from BurnTees.com; Accessories from CostumeSupercenter.com; Jeans from Target.com; Women's knee socks from SweetandPowerful.com; Men's shoes from Buckle.com

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