Bernardsville's Gold Medal Chef: Scott Cutaneo of Equus and Claremont Tavern serves as 2010 Olympic chef

How many chefs in New Jersey, let alone the entire world, can tell you that they have been to the Olympics?  Bernardsville chef Scott Cutaneo of Equus Tavern and the new Claremont Tavern can! 

Scott just returned from Vancouver as the sole chef representing the United States in the 2010 Winter Olympics.  In a group of about 5 chefs from around the world, Scott cooked for the IOC (International Olympics Committee), athletes(like Freestyle Skiing Bronze Medalist Shannon Bahrke shown above) and professionals like Bill Gates, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and invited guest Prince Albert of Monoco.  Scott's adventures are ongoing as he is getting ready to open the new Claremont Tavern.  But his true love is being a husband and father. Here's a little more about Chef Scott Cutaneo:

MrsMo: Tell me some of your culinary background and some of your favorite dishes/cuisine
SC: I was very fortunate growing up: my mother is from Europe so it enabled me for dual citizenship.  I felt that the experience in Europe, living and working there, bought me directly to the source to truly become "Great Scott."  Some favorite dishes are Michel Gueurd's "Les Prix D'Eugenie" and the longest running three star Michelin restaurant.  

MrsMo: How did the Olympics opportunity come about? 
SC: The main person whom is charge of all the catering aspects in the Olympics was a guest at his old restaurant, Le Petit Chateau, for 15 years.
MrsMo:Do you work with chefs from all over the world? Do you ever bring back new techniques/food combos?  
SC: I am always bringing back new techniques to show my staff so they can advance to that next level and pick up as much knowledge while working for me.  I have worked with Anton Mosimann, from London and Daniel Boulud, from NY.    

MrsMo: If you could create an “Olympic Menu” what would be on it for appetizer, main dish and dessert?
SC: It would depend on of course the location of event and based on the area, which products are the most seasonal for that time period in that particular place.  He wants the product to be the freshest and most enjoyable, so it really depends what is seasonal at the given time.   

MrsMo:How much downtime did you have? Did you get a chance to watch any of the events? Tour Vancouver?   
SC: I looks at the trip as all down time.  I gets to carry out my greatest passion, cooking, and too me not having to be responsible for managing all my employees or running a restaurant for a week, and can just enjoy catering/cooking, my true passion.  I caught up with a couple events and was able to route on my favorite team, USA!
MrsMo: I understand you are also opening a new restaurant.  How does it compare/differ from Equus? What can “fans” of your food/cooking expect at the Claremont Tavern? 
SC: The Claremont Tavern is going to be more of a casual dining atmosphere, with a lengthy menu so your sure to get exactly what your looking for.  It's more of a pub like atmosphere, beautifully redesigned and sure to be a real treat to the town of Bernardsville.  Many of the townspeople are anxiously awaiting the opening because they have been waiting for a restaurant such as this calber to open in the town for years, and it's finally here!  It's sure to be a real success and we're all very excited about it! 
MrsMo: What do you like to do with your down time?  
SC: I am first and foremost a family man.  Whenever I get a free minute I am spending it with his wife and kids.  Especially our newest addition, three year old Scottie (Scott Shane).

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