"Julie Bakes" for your Valentine's Day sweetheart

You may know Warren Bobrow's taste in restaurants from his reviews on NJMyWay.com, but he also has a hidden gem in addition to his Morristown home: his talented wife Julie, a classically trained pastry chef. I've already been treated to her 5 lb cheesecake and wow was THAT an experience. So, since today is food day and next week is Valentine's Day, I asked Warren to dish [okay maybe brag] about his talented wife and how you can order her treats. Enjoy! You can find Warren in A LOT of places, including WildRiverReview.com, Saveur.com and really anywhere that you Google his name! He's on Twitter too (@WarrenBobrow1)

Romance, Valentine’s Day and all of those busy work schedules… How will guys get everything done in time to shower their special someone with luscious, edible romance?
There are just so many things an honorable gentleman has to do before Valentine’s Day comes speeding down the highway of love!  

Hint, hint? Time is ticking away… But, fear not! There is a solution. 

My wife, Julie is a classically trained pastry chef.

Julie is baking for Valentine’s Day a series of specialty treats for the guy (or gal) on the go who may not want just another mass quantity, flavorless- store bought dessert…
Julie “bakes” is the name of her high-end, boutique dessert company.  Julie specializes in hand-made scrumptious, sweet treats.  Julie makes every cupcake, miniature cheesecake or handmade cookie plate without any diet ingredients.

If Valentine’s Day historically signifies Love and Passion, Julie’s dessert confections signify lust on a plate.  

Full sized and miniature cheesecakes contain delicious ingredients like Philadelphia Brand cream cheese, full-fat sour cream, rich, toothsome caramel made from scratch and the top quality chocolate like what is only available in the high-end restaurants.  Julie is baking specialty confections with fresh red roses set on top of hand-held chocolate cupcakes comprised of chocolate frosting or chocolate cake with pink frosting with edible glitter and candy hearts begging the question, which one should we order? (Get them all!) Her always made with love; desserts are only a phone call away.  

Parve is also available, please call Julie for details. 

Orders can be made up to one week from Valentine’s Day to allow for personalized attention!  Time’s almost up! Hurry and call right now. 
Delivery in Central and Northern NJ is available for a minimal charge.
She can be reached for special orders at 908.489.0779

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Chef E said...

I had the pleasure of having a piece of her cheese cake this past weekend, the whole party was ohing and ahing over that wonderful thing!

I recommend you order one!

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