Best of 2009: Friday Picks-

September 2009: Inside the mind of an expectant father 
The "Empathy Belly"
These are the ramblings of an expectant father. Feel for him.

The wife's issues become my issues.

She can't sleep, I can't sleep. Actually she won't LET me sleep--story for another time. She wants ice cream, I suddenly want ice cream. She can't find any good maternity clothes and I'm up all night cross-stitching a nice pleated skirt and...kidding.... I haven't knitted since the accident of '98. Don't ask it's much too painful.

"We should open a maternity store. There is crap in this area" she muttered on the car ride to our seventh stop of the day. "And all the clothes they have are awful."

You'd think this would be a massive market considering the celeb obsession with being pregnant. Is there a celebrity not talking about having a kid, being pregnant, or finding some random child to adopt? I imagined there was a maternity store in every mall in America but I never really paid attention. Now that we are looking for store; nada. I'm sure there are probably overpriced boutiques in major cities and online mega mommy malls but where does “Susie in the Sticks” go to get a comfortable pair of pants? Also, where can I get a good pair of maternity pants for men? Chubby Hubby isn't just a flavor anymore, it's a lifestyle. 

November 2009: Interview with Chef Duff of Ace of Cakes

When I found out that Chef Duff Goldman, star of the Food Network hit show, Ace of Cakes, was coming to the Princeton Kitchen Kapers for a book signing of his new book Ace of Cakes: Inside the World of Charm City Cakes, I leapt at the opportunity to 1) set up another “TweetUp” for fans in the area and 2) reach out to Kitchen Kapers to set up a photo opp with the man himself.  Kitchen Kapers then connected me with Duff’s book publicist at Harper Collins and then a week later, I was standing in my kitchen talking to Duff on the phone discovering just how genuine, funny, down-to-earth and wacky he really is!


December 2009: Get inspired by color

My winter color inspiration came from a recommendation from my husband. One day he suggested that I try blue nail polish (this is a man who didn't like my purple eyeshadow from my Heather James Photography photoshoot).  So I went on a hunt for dark/navy/midnight blue polish and found a winner at CVS: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in "Blazing Blue." I loved the shade: it didn't look juvenile and the color complimented many colors in my closet. Last year, my color was "Wicked" by Essie, but this year for winter 2009, I've been inspired by BLUE. I contacted some NJ retailers asking for products that were a match (or a compliment) to the shade. I also threw in a piece from my favorite store (Ann Taylor).


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