Surprise gifts: Small room makeovers

Forget about the surprise car gift this year and why not opt to surprise your spouse or significant other with a molding makeover in a room they've been designing in their mind for a while.  But if you don't know where to begin, there is a handy Design Guide available at the Kuiken Brothers Company website that will give you all the materials and direction you need. 

The Kuiken Brothers Company, a lumber, millwork and building materials business with 9 North Jersey locations including the headquarters in Fair Lawn, would often get people in their shop looking to do a surprise makeover for the holidays.  In order to make the selection and construction process easier, they put together the Molding Design Guide with 6 different packages that will suit your design style. And each package is named for a different area of North Jersey. For example, I grew up in Morris Plains and really love Colonial design and would most likely choose the "Morris Colonial" package if I was doing the redesign for myself.  And with each molding suggestion, comes a detailed page with measurement and available finishes (see below).  

Prices are available upon request, but for the Morris Colonial, you'll pay about $11.11 per foot to completely makeover the room with crown molding, window and door casing and the baseboard (Crown Combination, consisting of KB640, KB332 and KB840, $3.59 per foot, Door & Window Casing, consisting of KB142, $2.87 per foot, Baseboard Combination, consisting of KB217 and KB292, $4.65 per foot).  However, most rooms already have baseboard and casings and if you're short on time and still want to transform the look of the room, just add crown molding which is available from $1.29 to $4.32 per foot. Please note: Kuiken does not provide installation services, but they are more than happy to make sure you are prepared with all necessary materials and tips for your DIY project.  

A little history: The Kuiken Brothers Company was founded in 1912 by Nicholas Kuiken along with his two older brothers, Dirk and Henry. They began as residential and commercial buildings, constructing many homes in Fair Lawn where the company was founded.  Having never suffered an economic setback or loss through fire, the company today has an established reputation among builders, architects and homeowners.  Learn more about the history of the Kuiken Brothers Company at their website.


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