Gifts for Expectant or New Mom

Snooty Booty Diapers is an online shopping destination for moms looking for a more natural approach for their babies. Started by an Michelle, an Allenhurst mom, SBD is known for their cloth diapers and eco-friendly accessories.  Two accessories which are very popular as gifts for a new or expectant mom are their hemp napkins and cloths and the "B Blanket" by Rain or Shine Kids(sale $32, reg $36). It is water-resistant polar fleece cover can attach to a stroller, car seat or baby carrier.

For the parents who want to have a little fun dressing up their new baby, check out Cotton Baby Onesies for a collection of some of the most off-beat, creative and unique onesies. Started by Lakewood mom Sharon, CBO is a destination for something different. Who doesn't remember the funny moment line from Ralfie's dad in a A Christmas Story, "Fra-gee-lay....ah, must be Italian." Now you can have your own "Fra-gee-lay" onesie complete with leg lamp.  If this is a 2nd child, there is a personalized Production onesie which displays both parents' last names like a TV or movie production.

Some of my favorites include: Miso Cutie, Pink Sushi, Mr T-Pity the Fool, Holiday-Bundle of Joy, and the Pink Scooter.

Give a keepsake gift like Bloomin-Books personalized books. They are unique and will encourage kids to read.  Babies are never too young to have a favorite book and if they hear their name throughout, it's even more fun!  Each book uses the child's name as part of the story, with 2 or 3 of his friends' names.  The person giving the gift has his name on the title page, with a special dedication he chooses such as "Happy Holidays" or "A Special Gift from." There are books for boys and girls from newborn to 9+ with interests like ballet, tea party, the circus, soccer, hockey, camping and trains. There are also holiday and birthday books as well.  Each book is only $19.95.


Dawn Sandomeno said...

The fragile onsie is so cute - I recognize that lamp from The Christmas Story!

Kimberly said...

I love the personalized book idea. Both of my young nephew love books in general so I think this will be a winner in their eyes.

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