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My winter color inspiration came from a recommendation from my husband. One day he suggested that I try blue nail polish (this is a man who didn't like my purple eyeshadow from my Heather James Photography photoshoot).  So I went on a hunt for dark/navy/midnight blue polish and found a winner at CVS: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in "Blazing Blue." I loved the shade: it didn't look juvenile and the color complimented many colors in my closet. Last year, my color was "Wicked" by Essie, but this year for winter 2009, I've been inspired by BLUE. I contacted some NJ retailers asking for products that were a match (or a compliment) to the shade. I also threw in a piece from my favorite store (Ann Taylor).

One particular product came with a heart-warming and touching story that will make you want to support this mother-daughter team.  The DonniCharm scarf, which is available at Complements Two in Livingston, was created by a mother and daughter who always loved creating fashionable things together.  After losing their husband/father "Donny" in an accident, they started the scarf line in his memory. “These scarves are wrapped around me, like the arms of his hug, and hang close to my heart where he will always remain. Those close to my father affectionately called him Donny, and as my mom later pointed out, I was his charm… “donni charm” was created,” says creator and daughter, Alyssa.  This scarf is definitely the perfect gift to honor someone's memory because, as the DonniCharm site says, it's a "charming way to remember the people you love."

Clockwise from left: studded shoulder bag, $74, Ollipop ring from Charmed by Claire in Cranbury, $25, Bella Ro (online & Hoboken) Rockette Studded Dress, $52, silver layered toggle bracelet, $20, Complements Two DonniCharm Scarf, $85, Bella Ro Gold Plated earrings, $64, Ann Taylor Loft Drop-Waist Cardigan w/Belt, $69.50, Sally Hansen "Blazing Blue" Insta-Dri nail polish

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