Fire Prevention Week Day 3: Home Safety Tips with Toms River Fire Commissioner

For as long as I can remember, my father has been a part of the Toms River and the New Jersey fire service. He has dedicated his life to educating the community about fire safety and prevention. I think what he does is truly amazing and I have always been proud of his passion to help people.
-Katie Foley, daughter of Toms River District 1 Fire Commissioner Doug Foley

With 32 years as a volunteer and career firefighter and 19 years as the state Fire Marshall, Doug Foley knows a thing or two about fire safety. I had an opportunity to talk with the past chief of East Dover Fire Company 4 and current District 1 Fire Commissioner in Toms River about some MUST-KNOW tips for families so they can help prevent a fire in their own home.

  1. Always check smoke detectors:
    BATTERY OPERATED: Check the batteries every 30 days and then CHANGE the batteries when you CHANGE your clocks. Simple!
    ELECTRIC: Vacuum detectors MONTHLY.

  2. KNOW the escape routes in your house

  3. Before you purchase a fire extinguisher, check with your local fire department for the approved/required model. If you already have, again check with the FD.

  4. Fall is still a good season for outdoor grills. Be sure to keep all grills 5 FEET FROM THE HOUSE.

  5. If you SEE A FIRE: Call 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY and give as much information as you can. DO NOT go inside the home.
Doug also started the East Dover Junior Fire Service Exploring Program 15 years ago. The program gives young volunteers insight into a firefighting profession. For more information about the Toms River Fire Department, including details on each of the town’s fire companies, visit

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