Week of Wedding Trends! Day 5: Attire and Hair & Make-up

Are you getting married this Fall? Still looking for last minute gift/theme/music/design ideas? Look no further!

For an entire week, we will be bringing you Fall and Winter Wedding trends with tips and ideas from New Jersey Wedding specialists. This "Week of Weddings" was made possible with the help of Erik Kent of NJWedding.com who rounded up feedback from so many NJ wedding specialists that we needed an entire week of trends!

Each day we will give you a different trend with the business name, owner and website to make the one-click connection easy for you! Here is the schedule for the week:

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Today's Trends: Attire and Hair & Makeup

Sally Lorensen Conant, Ph.D, Executive Director-Wedding Gown Specialists- www.weddinggownspecialists.com
Wearing mother's veil
Wearing sister or friend's gown
Buying used gown
Buying expensive gown and planning on selling it after the wedding
Traditional bride still has gown cleaned and preserved after the wedding

Alla Zaltsman Krutyansky - Abella Studios - http://www.abellastudios.com
One of the coolest trends we've seen is that brides are not wearing the traditional white shoes for their weddings. We've been seeing shoes that add just the perfect splash of color, and complement the wedding colors, like hot pink, gold, red and silver. I, personally, love this... Abella Studios

Genevieve Zimmerman-Cozy Formal Wear/Love Lane Tuxedos Sales and Rentals – http://www.cozytux.com
More couples are opting for a classic look in choosing wedding garments. The shift is now for a more neutral and sophisticated design. This includes more use of the bow tie, round toe shoes, black vests on groomsmen, and tuxedo jackets with clean lines.

Debbie Franchi- I Do Tattoos
Tattoos are a sign of social and creative expression that has a personal meaning to each individual. Each one has a story behind them. Just ask anyone with a tattoo how they ended up choosing their design. The stories are meaningful, emotional, tragic and happy. Ones wedding day is filled with just as much emotion and a creative individual would find I Do Tattoo a personal expression and creative outlet to express her inner sassiness for this one special day. Tattoos are much more social acceptable today then 20 years ago on women and men so I felt it was a fitting concept to explore. Tattoos in general are a trend but a permanent one so and I have created this fun extension to the tattoo trend for the person who wouldn’t necessarily commit to a tattoo but wants to express herself in a creative and unique way for her one special day

Hair and Makeup
Lauren Tomasetti,Owner-The Powder Bar-www.powderyourface.com

* Big Hair..More volume and teasing at the crown
* Retro curls..throwback to the 70's..side parted..very Studio 54


* Bold lips..red, plums, burgundy
* Colorful eyes..pinks, mauves, purples
* Matte skin paired with a rosier cheek
* Thicker eyebrows

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