Week of Wedding Trends! Day 3: Venue and Location

Are you getting married this Fall? Still looking for last minute gift/theme/music/design ideas? Look no further!
For an entire week, we will be bringing you Fall and Winter Wedding trends with tips and ideas from New Jersey Wedding specialists. This "Week of Weddings" was made possible with the help of Erik Kent of NJWedding.com who rounded up feedback from so many NJ wedding specialists that we needed an entire week of trends!

Each day we will give you a different trend with the business name, owner and website to make the one-click connection easy for you! Here is the schedule for the week:

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Today's Trends: Venue and Location

Tara Clapper-recent LBI/AJ Meerwald bride and writer - http://writingwithelegance.wordpress.com
Unconventional locations--that's also a trend. I had my heart set on the Mt. Holly Historical Library from day one, and when we were lucky enough to win the wedding on the AJ Meerwald, I knew I still wanted my reception there if it was possible.

Karen Collins - Gilded Ivy Florist - http://www.gildedivy.com
Booking places such as private farms or parks rather than large wedding halls. Making it a bit more casual and more cost affective.

Alla Zaltsman Krutyansky - Abella Studios - http://www.abellastudios.com
We haven't
seen so many farms/parks, although we have booked a couple back yard weddings (although, they are not as budget-friendly). But there is more of a trend toward fancier destination weddings... people are getting creative with how to save money and not make it obvious that they're saving. Destination weddings at all-inclusive venues do just that-they offer a beautiful atmosphere, excellent service and a LOT of food, not to mention several days of festivities, for a small fraction of the cost. They save so much and there's plenty of funds left over to splurge on photography/videography and entertainment. Plus, its a built-in honeymoon to boot! If I had to do it over again, there is no question that would be what I would do. And there's the added plus of not being bound by the weather - its always warm on the islands!

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