Week of Wedding Trends! Day 1: The Cake (or cupcakes)

Are you getting married this Fall? Still looking for last minute gift/theme/music/design ideas? Look no further!

For an entire week, we will be bringing you Fall and Winter Wedding trends with tips and ideas from New Jersey Wedding specialists. This "Week of Weddings" was made possible with the help of Erik Kent of NJWedding.com who rounded up feedback from so many NJ wedding specialists that we needed an entire week of trends!

Each day we will give you a different trend with the business name, owner and website to make the one-click connection easy for you! Here is the schedule for the week:

  • Monday: Sweets & Treats
  • Tuesday: Video and Photography
  • Wednesday: Venue and Location
  • Thursday: Flowers and Decor
  • Friday: Attire and Hair & Make-up
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Today's Trends: Sweets and Treats!

Maureen Jaret,-owner The Petite Café- www.stuffedcupcakes.com/

I believe that the Cupcake Boom is because there are more flavors and varieties available to people then ever before. Combinations that we never had growing up in the wedding industry before now. We grew up with vanilla and chocolate - maybe strawberry, but since the explosion of Red Velvet the flavors are endless.

Since starting the stuffed cupcakes at our cafe 4 1/2 years ago - these are not your Mother's cupcakes!!!!! Talk about a flavor explosion when we first started we were making 3 dozen a week for the first month, then very quickly people came in wanting to know what the flavor of the day was!!! Now they have over 40-60 different flavors a day with 120 total!!

Depending on what you add to the cupcakes such as the tier, cupcake wraps, gum paste flowers it may not be an economic difference. What makes it special is the unique look as well as the variety of flavors that you guests can have!!! Brides and Grooms are not limited to just one flavor for a cake. They can literally pick a variety to please each other’s unique taste buds and guests as well

Amy DeGiulio-owner Sugar Flower Shop-

We all know that brides are first cutting down on their guest list in an effort to save money. Those that still need a lower budget are opting to do more things themselves, including the wedding cake! I have been contacted by numerous brides in NJ and around the country who have a close friend or family member that is a great home baker, but does not have the decorating skill necessary for a show-stopping cake. These brides come to me looking for the sugar flower decorations found in all of the magazines that can be placed on the cake at the last minute, completely transforming a basic white cake into something truly personal.

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