Teaching Technology to Kids for Twenty Years: Jen Morack of Computer Explorers

Are you smarter than your preschooler? When it comes to computer knowledge, you may not be!

Since 1984, children as young as 3 years old have been enriched by technology education with Computer Tots/Computer Explorers, a Technology Education program for learners aged 3 to adult. Montgomery Township resident, Jen Morack is celebrating 20 years with the home-based business as president of the Mercer and Hunterdon location.

When Jen started with the company, Technology Education involved introducing students to the Apple IICs and its parts. But now computers have become a tool for education. “We’ve gone from “this is a mouse” 20 years ago to utilizing digital cameras, digital microscopes, and robotics and GPS systems in our courses.”

With a curriculum written by educators, each Computer Tots class is designed to engage groups of 3-4 children in computer lessons that teach a variety of educational tasks like Math, Reading, Problem Solving and Memory development. The motor skill development is also apparent, as young children learn how to maneuver the mouse with one hand. After only a few weeks with Computer Tots, you may hear words like Icon, Desktop, CD-Rom, Delete and even USB Port from your child and don’t be surprised if they give you a lesson with using the computer.

“Our preschoolers of today are “digital natives,” added Jen. “They are born into this technological age of cell phones, laptops, netbooks etc. while most parents are still “digital immigrants” – learning as we go!”

While reflecting on her favorite memories of running and teaching Computer Explorers, Jen recalled a conversation she had with one of her parents that validated the special and lasting effect that a quality educational program, like Computer Tots/Computer Explorers, can have on a family.

"A mother came up to me to tell me how much she loved our program and that she was registering her 6th and last child for our courses. Our first COMPUTERTOT from this family is now 18 and going off to college!"

From Mrs. Mo: I can personally affirm the value of starting computer education in pre-school because I worked for Jen as one of her Computer Tots teachers before Maddy was born. I taught small groups of kids aged 3-5 and saw first hand the motor skill and memory development that grew out of the weekly lessons. With 6 years experience of teaching middle school Computers and Math, I was amazed that 3 year old children could remember that the computer screen was called a Desktop and the little pictures were called Icons. And you know what? It was fun for them, because we played CD-ROM games like Little Bear and Finding Nemo.

To find a Computer Tots location in your area, visit www.ComputerExplorers.com.

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