Are You a Modern Mom? Win The BlackBerry Diaries by Kathy Buckworth

Did you know that there is NO Ann Taylor, Bloomies or Macy's in Canada? No joke!

That's why author Kathy Buckworth came to America: to shop.

Well, actually, she came down to promote her 4th book, The BlackBerry Diaries, on a U.S. tour which included a two-day stop in Bridgewater which just happens have to have a FABULOUS mall. But while shopping is really fun and necessary while you're on a book tour through various cities like Boston, Vegas, Atlanta and Bridgewater, the real fun for Kathy (I'm just assuming) was to share her newest book with other moms and talk about what it's really like to be a modern mobile mom. And thanks to the lovely folks at RIM (Research in Motion), the company behind The BlackBerry, I had the exciting opportunity to come meet Kathy and talk with her and her audience about my life as a work-at-home mom/NJ blogger who is also connected via a mobile device (we'll leave the actual brand out of it).

While America has Jenny McCarthy's motherhood books, Canada has Kathy Buckworth. But that's going to change very soon, I can feel it! Why? Because her book is just too hilarious, too real and too GOOD to put down. Her "Adventures in Modern Motherhood" chart a year-long account of how her 2 worlds-technology and children-have come together under 1 roof.
I love the fact that even though I only have 1 child, I can relate so much to the antics that Kathy ensues with 4 children. Like Kathy, I am a work-at-home mom who has been able to tap into work after my toddler has fallen asleep in the car or is enjoying a yummy snack in the highchair. And sure, maybe the mobile phone is like The Gameboy of the 80s, but honestly it really does change your life having one. And Kathy takes readers through her life changing adventure balancing the demands of a published author and mom/school-volunteer/hockey-mom/doting wife. I just can't wait for my own children to wake me up at 6am on Mother's Day with a picture drawn of myself donning a mustache and a huge butt. Can't wait!

What else is cool is that
the lovely RIM folks have given me 4 copies of Kathy's book, The BlackBerry Diaries, to give away! But wait! Only serious applicants should apply. So please consider the checklist below. If you say "yes" to at least 1, then you must get your hands on The BlackBerry Diaries, either in store, online or win it here!

  • Your mobile device really is like part of the family, but it doesn't need potty training, college tuition or a driver's license.

  • You find yourself getting out of the same 'blah blah' convo with a mom at the park by rigging your mobile with an alarm to sound like your ringer or you make-believe you just got buzzed with an important email.

  • You suddenly find yourself an in-demand blogger who receives countless emails a day requesting a review of this product and an announcement of that event or your presence at this workshop.

  • You really are watching your child's soccer/lacrosse/track/basketball/football/cheerleading game, but you've been able to multi-task with one of your phone's built-in games and applications.

  • A restaurant doesn't just serve food anymore, it serves TwitPic or Facebook worthy masterpieces that you have to share with your hungry friends.

  • NO ONE is to TOUCH your mobile device unless they a) have washed their hands, b) are wearing latex gloves or c) have a true 9-1-1 emergency.

  • You might just be one of those parents who gets caught texting a reminder to your child during school even though texting is strictly prohibited.
If you want more, feel free to visit Kathy's ongoing blog at, become a fan on Facebook or follow her on Twitter. But here's your chance to win a copy of your own to read and pass along to your other modern-mom friends who, like you and me and Kathy, would not be complete without your little mobile friend/child.

Here's how to win:

1) Leave a comment telling us with a unique story of your mobile motherhood OR how a mobile device, like a BlackBerry would make a difference in your mommyhood.

For extra entries
1) Sign up for Mrs Mo's Mailing List and/or

2) Join Mrs Mo's New Jersey Fan Page and leave a comment under the BlackBerry Diaries post telling us about our life as a mobile mom and/or

3) Tweet about this entry with the following "I am a modern mobile mom. Are you?" and paste the link to this post.

Contest ends Wednesday September 10th at 9pm

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

aahhhh...a Blackberry would REALLY make my life so much easier as then I would be able to stay connected at ALL times and not just when I am home. I have been known to carry my laptop alllll the way around the world w/ me just to keep up w/ my e-mail. I lugged this stupid thing to China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and back and boy, was I tired!! A Blackberry would make me so happy and my life so much easier.

All my little my fingertips and in one place, in my pocket..ALL THE TIME!! Mine all mine in my sweaty little hand!!

It would even fit in my bra with all my other "extremely important" items such as keys and credit card when I go shopping and need my hands to carry packages. A girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do, ya' know!?!? Get the priorities straight!! LOL

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