What type of eater are you?

“Non-eater” - I don’t eat after a workout. I just burned all those calories I’m going to gain back everything I just worked so hard to burn.


“Immediate-eater” - I rush to eat after a workout. I have my protein bars and protein shakes in my bag ready to eat as soon as I’m done.

These are the two typical eater-types I come across. The “non-eaters” are the ones who will often be the ones that eat the “treats” and junk food later in the day and tell themselves it is “OK” because they exercised earlier in the day. The “immediate-eaters” are on the right track, but they just need to be sure they’re eating the right foods.

Understand how your body works after a workout:

30 minutes following a workout: your muscle cells are hungry for nutrients – carbs and protein!

30-60 minutes after a workout: your muscles start to relax and begin to repair themselves (making them stronger!).

Here is the most optimal way to eat after your workouts:

Eat a high protein meal 30-60 minutes after you workout. This is when your muscles will use the protein most effectively to build muscle and burn fat.

If you don’t eat, you’re missing out on a critical opportunity to give your body the building blocks for your natural fat-burners – YOUR MUSCLES! And chances are you’re more likely to eat the not-so-nutritious food later on.

2-3 hours later, eat a regular meal that has a combo of good protein and good carbohydrates (veggies, fruit, whole grains, etc.).

Quick & convenient post-workout meal ideas to help build muscle and burn fat:

Protein shakes (whey protein is a good choice, look for low-sugar versions, less than 10-15g, ideally)

Turkey sandwich on whole grain bread

Cottage cheese and fruit

Grilled chicken breast with small baked potato

2 eggs and whole grain toast

Until next time, your partner in health and fitness,

Lindsay Vastola, CFT

It's "Wellness Wednesday" with Lindsay Vastola. She is the founder and president of Body Project Fitness & Health providing customized fitness training and “everyday eating” coaching. Her mission is to help men and women who “have no time for fitness” incorporate a healthy lifestyle amidst a busy schedule. Lindsay is an International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) certified personal fitness trainer and has more than ten years experience in fitness, weight training, and sports conditioning. Visit Body Project at www.bodyprojectfitness.com.

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