Yes another Father's Day Gift Guide! Mrs Mo Style

Chances are you've already gotten dad something for his big day. You might be taking him to brunch, surprising him with season tickets or a concert or getting him that super-powered lawn mower he always wanted. But if you're still looking for last minute ideas, here are some that are available anywhere:

The Ultimate Dad Gift: A Hammock!
Sure, Moms are hard at work all day taking care of the kids, but Dads work all day and then have to work again at night and the weekends with the kids. While Mommy could really use a hammock in the living room, in the backyard and even in the bedroom, let's give Daddy a nice outside hammock (because then the kids will go outside and want to jump in with him and give Mommy some time alone too....oh wait, this is supposed to be all about giving dad a break. Right.) All joking aside-a lot of Daddies do have double-duty with working hard and then coming home to excited and joyful kids to play, he needs some alone time (and usually it's not a salon or shopping):

DIY Dad Gifts
Double Picture Frame: one side photo of child/baby/baby with dad facing your choice of a Father Poem. I gave one to Rob for his first Father's Day and it sits on his desk at work.

Custom Gift Basket for Dad: If you have more than 1 child, then it's possible that each will have a different impression of something that Dad would want for Father's Day. Pull all of your resources and ideas together and make one big basket for Dad. Here are some ideas themes:
  • Food Basket: Dad's favorite snack foods and/or beer. If Maddy and I were to make a basket for Rob, it would include: Cheeze-Its, Oreos, Beef Jerky, Fiddle Faddle, Cracker Jacks, Pretzels, Dr. Pepper and A&W Root Beer.
  • Golf Dad: golf balls with your kids' names painted on, tees, towel, new hat and shirt combo
  • Grilling Dad: Spices, rubs, marinades, meat thermometer, grilling tools, mini-grill cookbook
  • Random Dad Basket: (for more than 1 child families) Have each child come up with something to add to the basket and then you (Mommy) pick something as well.
(For Dad from Mom) Sexy Gift: Lingerie for Mommy-need I say more?

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