Planning a Low Stress 1st Birthday Party

Notice that I said "Low Stress" instead of "Stress-Free." Not sure if that's possible!

Party planning in theory is really fun, but it can bring on a lot of stress. I love planning get-togethers, but you would think that after 8 years I would be used to it! The day of the big event, I’m usually worried that the guests won’t enjoy themselves, the food won’t taste good and my friends who don’t know each other will feel stuck or bored. But maybe that’s just because it’s for my Annual Thanksgiving Party with turkey, stuffing and all the fixings for 20+ guests who look forward to the feast every year.

But that wasn’t the case with Maddy’s 1st Birthday party! The theme I had picked out months in advance: The Kentucky Derby. We were lucky to attend for our first anniversary in 2007 (The Paddock, The Queen, The Manning brothers, Betting and all!) and Maddy’s birthday is the day after so it was a perfect way to tie it all together. And all modesty aside, I was pretty impressed with my custom designs and personal touches. But besides that, there are some budget friendly tips that I wanted to share with other mothers who are planning a 1st Birthday or any child’s birthday with a theme.

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