National Pink Day: For your home

I am a girlie girl and love the fact that today is National Pink Day. There's no history behind (that I can find), but if you do a Google search for it, many blogs and even businesses are celebrating the color too!

While most recently, I've become more of an red-accents girl, pink is a classic happy color that can be worn or even used in your home! And even though pink is traditionally a 'girl color,' you men look FANTASTIC wearing pink (and other bright colors). If I can convert my conservative husband to wearing pink ties by choice, all men can do it!

Since I'm standing in my kitchen, post #1 of National Pink Day is all about Pink In Your Home:

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Kristie said...

How did I not know it was PINK Day!! Thanks 4 the heads up!! Kristie
Http:// (my very PINK website)

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