Drive to Win $50 of Gas!

When I was commuting an hour from Princeton to Morristown for work, I had about 5 different routes to take depending on my mood. There was the highway route when I was in a rush and then there were the back roads, each with different scenery, when I was feeling more relaxed. And I'm just that kind of person that likes to find little-known ways to get if it was my own secret path.

Now there's an opportunity for those of us who have a favorite route to win for sharing!

Palisades Car Insurance
is searching for the nicest drives in New Jersey and they're offering the winner of the best route a $5o gas card. That's like 2 fill-ups for my CR-V! But I'm going to step aside and let you, my readers, vie for a chance to win.

From now through June 22, log onto: and submit your text, photo or video. At the end of June, Palisades will share its top 10 drives (as selected by an expert panel of Palisades Crashbusters®- people who drive over 300,000 miles a year) on its website.

Buckle-Up, get driving and try not to swerve as you take your photo or video. No accidents please!

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