Burlington County woman helps fight global water crisis

A Moorestown woman has figured out how to turn wine into water.

Stephanie Weaver had a goal to one day start a non-profit organization to alleviate some form of suffering in the world. While studying at Georgetown, the Moorestown native narrowed her focus on fighting poverty at an international level, but it was an article on CNN.com about the water crisis in South Africa that launched her to action.

“After learning that 1.2 billion people don't have their most basic human need met, and that millions of people, mostly children, die every year because the don't have a glass of clean water, I couldn't just sit back and do nothing,” said Weaver.

Starting with a small wine tasting fundraiser at school to benefit the water crisis, Weaver essentially turned “wine into water” laying the foundation for her non-profit organization: A Drink for Tomorrow. By partnering with businesses, primarily focusing on those in the wine industry, Weaver is planning fun and tasty events to draw attention to a global crisis.

With their first campaign “Turn Wine Into Water,” Stephanie and her team, all of whom are volunteers, have gotten the support from Moorestown and Philadelphia area wineries, liquor stores and most recently a home improvement company and party planner. One of the campaign events, hosted by The Wine Cellar in Cinnaminson (above), is an on-going wine tasting of South African and American wines, specifically chosen since those countries have been affected the worst by the water crisis. The Wine Cellar donates $.25 for each bottle sold and is currently running this promotion for 6 weeks with the final event on June 30th.

The type of wine does not matter for a business that is interested in participating in the “Turn Wine Into Water” campaign, which involves a merchant partnering to run an extended promotion and not just a one-time event.

“Whether a wine store or winery owner wants to donate a percentage of proceeds for his or her choice of brand, varietals, or every bottle in the store,” added Weaver, “they would still be helping us ‘Turn Wine into Water’.”

While Stephanie’s organization is only a few months old, she has a unique concept that has already garnered the attention of area merchants. The owner of the South Jersey party planning company Reflections of You has partnered with A Drink for Tomorrow and will make a donation for each new couple that signs on with them.

Since A Drink for Tomorrow is completely volunteer run, Stephanie is always looking for help from people interested in helping with partnerships and promotion- visiting with business owners and gaining their interest in joining this worthwhile cause. And since most of the fundraising to date has gone to start-up costs, they are in need of more partnerships and promotions in order to fund a water donation for an entire community.

For more information on how you can help Stephanie turn wine into water as a volunteer or a participating merchant, visit her website at adrinkfortomorrow.org.

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