Secret Vista Print Scam

Disclaimer: I love They have great prices, great products and quick service. I have ordered all of my business cards and thank you notes from them. They are great!

I was looking at my credit card statement and discovered a $14 payment through a company I had never heard: Passport to Fun. After a quick Google search of the name, I found numerous Scam websites of people who had a similar problem with this random payment on their credit card bill. What I didn't realize (because I don't read fine print) is that Passport to Fun is the affiliate company who offers the $10 reward coupon to valued customers. You know that gift certificate and survey that is offered after you process an order? Yeah, go ahead and skip that or else you will be billed $14 for your $10 savings!

However, on the plus side: If you call the toll-free number, 800-566-8489, you can easily cancel "your account" and immediately receive an email confirmation of the cancellation. I will only know if it processed by checking my next credit card statement.

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Anonymous said...

I have heard about these scams too and was lucky enough to avoid any problems when I ordered with them once. However, I also found some business cards at and have had no problems at all with over billing. In fact, I found their cards to be nicer than the vista cards I got. The price is right and I don't have to worry about clicking on something that will cost me money later. I guess that is worth something.

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