Mrs Mo's Going Green Guide

Maybe 10 years ago, Earth Day was just another day on the calendar and there wasn't much done about it. Now it's hard to find a school, business, tv network, website or individual who isn't doing something to help the Earth by "Going Green." But what can we do to help? What are some simple tips for Going Green? Here is what some of my friends over at Facebook and Twitter suggest:

You can use those reusable bags instead of plastic/paper ones. They are only 99 cents and can be used for many things. Besides the supermarket, I take mine to the mall, yard sales, traveling, etc. I've found the ones from Walmart are the best, they are a type of recycled fabric and VERY strong.-Cynthia

Use linen towels in the kitchen instead of paper towels... and then of course there are the "standard ways": change lightbulbs, turn off the water when you're not using it, put a 2-liter bottle in your toilet tank...-Monica

clothes line!-Sharon (my mommy)

Use a re-usable coffee cup, take your lunch to work, dry your clothes outside, shower every other day (you really WON'T die), drive the speed limit (LOL), mow your own grass and water only as needed. Put your AC/heater on a timer, join a local food co-op and join other families in enjoying locally harvested produce.-Martha

@jellybeanboom: start simple: when you leave a room, TURN OFF the lights! and STOP with the plastic water bottles already! buy everyone in the fam a sigg and invest in a good water filter.

Printing on both sides of the paper or on scrap paper and unplugging unused electronics or washing on cold :)
Also, you can always make sure you're recycling correctly. If you don't know, check out my post here! You can also check out the Organic and Green products over at Green Design in Princeton.

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