March for Maddie Spohr

I found @momaspohr on Twitter only after I found out about the death of her precious little daughter Maddie who shares the same name as my first born.

I learned that Maddie passed away only a few short hours after her scared mom Tweeted the frightening ride in the ambulance to the hospital. When I took a look at the blog that Heather (@momaspohr) kept, I also saw that only days earlier little Maddie was like any other baby going through the unpredictable pain of teething, as my Maddy has been as well. But little Maddie endured more than just teething during her short life. She battled odds when doctors thought she wouldn't survive birth. And now it's only in her memory that the world knows about Maddie Spohr.

To honor her life, Maddie's parents have asked for donations to the March of Dimes which has now raised over $23,000. PayPal accounts have also been set up to help support Heather and Mike. Information about donations, services and how to get the Maddie badge below can be found at Meghan's blog (one of Heather's friends).

If you're on Twitter, you may have noticed a number of avatars turning purple. That is in honor of Maddie and the March of Dimes. Please show your support by doing the same and adding the hashtag #Maddie at the end of your posts. If you're not quite sure how to turn your profile purple, I will certainly do it for you!

If you have Facebook, please RT the following: Help spread the word and support a family who lost their precious little Maddie. Donations to March of Dimes or Go purple with your profile pic.

Donate to Maddie's Fund by clicking below:

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