Mrs Mo's Reviews: Skinny Bitch Bootcamp

Remember those girls in high school who played field hockey or lacrosse, but really did it for the short skirt and the boys' attention?

That's who I thought I was watching during the 20 minute "boot camp" workout by the Skinny Bitch authors, Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. Don't get me wrong: they put out a New York Times National Best Selling book that is a hilarious and in your face guide to healthy eating. But leave the fitness to the experts.

I tried out the video from my OnDemand Exercise TV menu because I was looking for a quick intense workout. Since the title included "Boot Camp" I was hooked. I was more curious to see how they could bring the funny to a workout. And the funny was there-throwing out lines like "It's on bitches" and Rory slapping Kim's butt during the calf stretches-but the intensity was NOT.

It wasn't just the lack of intense training that was the problem; it lacked in transition between moves making the strength intervals sloppy rather than smooth. Instead of watching the hosts, I followed the girls behind them for form and speed. Freedman and Barnouin seemed to treat the workout as just a funny thing between friends.

Instead of putting out a mediocre fitness series, the Skinny Bitch franchise should expand on the cookbook and put out a magazine or an organic food collection. However, if you are a beginner to working out, give this video a try. You'll break into a sweat, but you will need to incorporate an additional strength workout for complete interval training.

If you're like me and serious about interval training in half the time, I would suggest doing the Fat Burn video by Cindy Whitmarsh.

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