Label shopping at Canal's Liquors

When I buy wine, I usually have a specific grape in mind: Riesling, Cab-Sav, etc. Tonight, however, I just felt like shopping by first impression. There are so many great label designs that shopping for wine is sometimes like finding the best accessory to go with an outfit. I decided to let the label speak for itself.

Upon entry to Canal's Discount Liquors in Hamilton, the cutest graphic caught my eye: a bumble bee. And the name was childish yet catchy: "Fuzzy Buzzy". The price didn't hurt either: $7.99. I was in the mood for red and luckily, there was a Shiraz. My search was done!

According to the description, Fuzzy Buzzy Shiraz 2004 "delivers red berry aromas with plum and spice. Warm raisin, prune and pepper flavors and a savory finish." However, when I took a whiff, I swear I caught a hint of chocolate mixed with...(and this is really odd) Strawberry Shortcake figurines. Sooo weird. But that's what came to me. It's a good thing though. Really!

The taste was soft, warm and delicate. Made me feel...fuzzy.

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