Edible Euphoria: Whole Foods Pastries

How is it possible to walk by a counter like the Whole Foods Bakery counter and not salivate?

Rob and I went for a healthy dinner tonight at the Whole Foods in Princeton(That's like fine dining for us now) and he just had get a dessert. What does he care: he's 6'2" and about 160 lbs soaking wet. My will power was my cell phone. Instead of eating, I decided to take pictures and dream. Another plus: the cupcakes contained tree nuts of which I am slightly allergic. Oh well!

Rob's purchase: A Raspberry Mousse Meringue. Light(in taste and consistency) and fresh raspberry mousse in a white meringue base sprinkled with hardened sugar crystals. Topped with 4 enormous raspberries. Not so sweet that your teeth rotted but a perfect balance for me, the sweetness maven, and Rob, Mr. plain-is-good-for-me. It was a perfect way to cleanse your palate after a winter meal. Divine!

Some other items to tickle your fancy or indulge your sweet tooth include: chocolate "cappuccino cups", decadent eclairs and gourmet cakes and cupcakes.

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