Mrs Mo's Pretty Picks: Kyra Sedgwick at the SAG Awards

I love awards season. Not for the ceremony of course. For the FASHION: Who wore what, who should have rethought their ensemble and who got it right. One actress who always seems to look fabulous by dressing simple yet very chic is Kyra Sedgwick. And at 43, she knocks the younger generation out of the water (throw in Kevin Bacon too for some classic eye candy).

Her outfit at the SAG awards was vintage Chanel from Rare Vintage in NYC and I've managed to put together a pretty decent "Look-for-Less".

White tube top: $52.50; Chiffon A-line Skirt: $59; Shades of Purple Necklace: $70 or Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Necklace: $45.

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