Shop Local: Charmed by Claire, Cranbury, NJ

Why shop at a locally owned business first? Because far more of the money spent at local businesses is reinvested in your community. This helps other local businesses, which creates greater diversity and helps the community maintain its unique appeal. Shopping local is environmentally friendly, too: it creates less traffic and pollution.
-American Booksellers Association

My favorite boutique is Charmed by Claire in Cranbury, NJ. I've blogged about Claire's store many times and posted the sales. I could not let this holiday season pass without doing a formal walk through of her fabulous store. I will try and keep this light with the words and heavy with the pictures and links!

Her storefront is hard to miss. With one of the only girly decorated windows in town, Charmed by Claire welcomes shoppers with colorful displays of whimsical lettering, Vera Bradley products and artisan jewelry pieces. The whimsy only builds when you enter the quaint and decorated shop.

The front area is Brighton, Brighton, Brighton! Jewelry, handbags, watches, keychains, you name it! Brighton galore! The back room holds more of the handcrafted artisan jewelry, some produced by area artists. From necklaces and earrings to handbags and clothing, the collections are dazzling and leave your mouth agape at all of the possible ways that one can dress up a wardrobe!

Recently, Claire opened up Charmed by Claire, Too just around the corner to house all of her Vera Bradley products. With Bradley's growing product line, it was about time for Claire to expand.

Here are some of my favorite thing to look at (in addition to the Vera Bradley collection) and add to my wish list over at Claire's. Take a browse!

Sherry Tinsman Handcrafted jewelry(sterling silver, 14K gold, occasional brass and copper highlights): Ring~$165, Bracelets~$185

Potpourri Paris Silver Jewelry

Deriva Jewels: Bracelet~$115, Necklace~$175

Brighton Jewelery & Accessories: Coin Purse~$92, Assorted Bangles~$45-$55, Haute Spots Shopper & Duffle~$70 and $225, Souvenir Key Fob~$22

Ecosource Home & Garden:Amaryllis~$25

Maximal Art Jewelry(As seen in Oprah's Gift Guide):Snowflake Lariat Necklace~$159

Murval: Red patent hobo bag~$34.99

Baekgaard: Tartan handbag~$69.00

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anon said...

there are some maximal art bracelets available on ebid.

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