Maddy's first Christmas stocking

A few Christmases ago, I made stockings for both Rob and Me. For him, I made red with green plaid (very traditional). Mine is purple quilted with purple snowflake fabric. Inspired by a purple sequin number from the 2004 or 2005 West Elm catalog(very hip-chic/nontraditional). For Maddy, I went classic and elegant. Like her crib bedding, I chose a Christmas toile pattern and a gold ribbon. To stitch it together, I actually used no-sew fabric glue. The only part of the stocking that actually was sewn on was the gold ribbon, and even that was a challenge. I have never made ruffles before and I need to learn how to do it right without mishap next time. But I think think it turned out great! When she gets older, I might replicate it better once I have refined my skills, but for now I love it. Toile is so classy and timeless. And my family knows that it is sooooo me!

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