Red Wine for White Wine lovers

I'm not going to lie. I drink red wine for the health benefits.

I was "trained" on white-zin and I am a die-hard Riesling drinker. But every now and then, I'll buy a cheap bottle of red wine to drink with dinner or to relax with. They say RED food & drink are good for your heart AND most recently I saw that it helps to fight Alzheimer's Disease. I'm gaining a liking for it and have found a few types that I enjoy. I look for wines with a berry fruit "note" that are not too dry. Remember, I'm a Riesling lover! When I can, I go to different liquor stores to see if there is a variety depending on location (I don't think there is). So far, I have found 3 that I really enjoy. But this is just the beginning.

Here are my "Red Wine for White Wine Lovers" picks for November:

  1. Seven Daughters: " 50% merlot, 17% cabernet sauvignon, 17% cabernet franc, 11% zinfandel, 2% syrah, 2% carignane and 1% sangiovese." This was a nice surprise. I've been looking for this brand since I saw it at Fritzie's at LBI. It was sweet (for red wine) though I imagine that it would not be as popular with true red wine drinkers. It's a good table drink for a variety of guest pallets.

  2. Black Opal Shiraz Cabernet: "The 2006 Black Opal Shiraz Cabernet is a rich wine full of berry, pepper, and spice aromas with red with purple hues. Ripe berry flavors and hints of spice develop on the full-bodied yet elegant palate. This wine has soft tannins and a lingering refined finish." I like Shiraz. I'm not sure what it is; perhaps the "berry notes." But it was good!

  3. Yellow Tail Shiraz-Grenache: "Lush raspberry aromas and a touch of spice." Another Shiraz. I think this one is my favorite thus far. And I love the hot pink label. But that's just me being a girly girl.

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