NJ Artist Hitting it Big!

Morris Plains/Morristown native Blaire Reinhard has hit the big time with her self-titled band. I have a vague memory of going with her to a rehearsal for a play or something and I think she said at the time that she had lent her voice to My Little Pony Commercials (this was in Elementary or Middle School). But that's just my wacky memory.

The Blaire Reinhard Band is a mix of blues, folk, indie rock and pop. From her MySpace Page:

"Blaire's music has been featured on MTV, HBO, NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, ABC-Family, FX, and Comedy Central, in shows such as "Lincoln Heights" (theme song), "Chappelle's Show", "Felicity", "Young and the Restless", "One Life to Live", "Six Feet Under", and "Over There". She has also had songs in several major motion pictures, among them "The Namesake", "Step Up", and "High School Musical". "

Check out some videos below and check out her MySpace page for more!

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Anonymous said...

They sound great! Nice Michael Jackson cover... they really nail it. PS - RIP MJ.

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