Mrs Mo's Review: 24-Karat Kids

If you like Gossip Girl, keep up with the latest trends, and secretly want to be a wealthy and fabulous Upper-East Sider, then you must read 24- Karat Kids by Dr. Judy Goldstein and Sebastian Stuart. Co-written by a prominent Upper-East Side pediatrician, 24-Karat Kids is a hilarious and [somewhat] fictional depiction of child-raring of the wealthy and elite.

Shelley Green just joined Madison Pediatrics and is immediately whisked in the fabulous lifestyle of Amanda Walker, the mother of a little girl whom Shelley "saved" on her first day of work. Soon, Shelley is wearing designer clothing, hob-nobbing with the rich & famous and cheating on her fiance! All the while, she quickly becomes one of the most sought after pediatricians in the group and manages to form bonds with her patients.

This book was not only entertaining and a good laugh, but it was educational. Goldstein and Stuart use Dr. Green's visits with her patients as an opportunity to teach the reader, who might just be a parent too, a thing or two about common issue with newborns. For example, one mother was beyond frustrated over her baby's incessant crying. Dr. Green suggested vacuuming with the baby since the noise is similar to that of the womb. Now I know why Maddy never got upset when I vacuumed around her!

I found myself reading passages of 24-Karat Kids to my husband because of the mere hilarity of the scene or because of the somewhat truth to it. And there is a happy ending...depending on which personal life you end up preferring.

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