Motrin got it wrong

If you are a mom and haven't seen or heard the new Motrin ad, you should see it ASAP. In an effort to relate with moms and "ease their pain," the ad has achieved the opposite: it has lost moms as potential consumers.

Claiming that moms who carry their babies are merely following a fad-trying to look like an official mom-completely belittles the incredible emotional bond that mom and baby achieve by the various carrying products (sling, carrier, etc). I agree that being a mom adds some extra pain in different places, but while trying to be fun and trendy the ad turns moms off. The ad also shows a lack of research or use of focus groups. There is no way this would have passed a panel of women and/or moms.

See the ad for yourself here and then watch the video response below of hundreds of moms (myself included) on Twitter, one of the now most powerful tools on issues that affect women! If you haven't joined the discussion on Twitter, get involved now! DM or Reply to KatjaPresnal.


Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Great post. The ad company needs better advisors and Motrin does too! Amazing that they could miss the mark like this.

DeAnna Troupe said...

I don't know if posting the ad is a good idea. You're just giving Motrin more eyeballs.

Mrs Mo said...

I see what you're saying: bad press is always good press. But it will also be seen by more people who can join the cause.

Lynette {Radio} said...

So upwards of 100 moms vent out on Twitter, the whole world is expected to bow down and listen? I wear my kids, and blog, and just thought the ad was stupid. What I see now is a bunch of moms beating their chests and proclaiming victory over 'big pharma'. Big deal. We still need their products, and they made a mistake. Maybe next time they will run every ad, ever, in front of every mom, ever to get their approval.

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