An accident waiting to happen

I saw two behaviors by drivers today that made me thankful that I'm not doing my 100 mile daily commute anymore from Morristown to Princeton.

I was on my drive back from Maddy's GI specialist at Robert Wood Johnson today when I spotted what looked like an Audi GT Coupe from the 80s swerving into my center lane from the left. Then it went back to its lane. Then it swerved again. I didn't want to get caught in it's swerving behavior so I sped up enough to pass it and get back to my safe driving. As I drove by, I noticed a young woman texting! When I finally passed her and looked in my rear view mirror, she was still swerving a bit and the cars behind her were passing her too! Dangerous!

Then, just ahead of me, I spotted a more modern sedan do a weave that I think the last time I did was with construction paper in an art project. What good is it to weave from the right lane to the middle lane to the left lane and back again, but this time going in front of the cars when you don't gain much distance? The same car ended up making a right hand turn from the lane it was in to begin with. What is the point? I mean seriously!

All I'm saying is that the next time you go to text while driving in the fast lane or decide to drive horizontally, just remember that there are moms driving with babies and children who do not need a side-swipe or an car accident to add to their busy day!

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