Reunited and it feels so good!

***I realize that I'm a few months late in this, but better late than never!***

When I first moved to the Princeton area, I was upset to discover that my beloved Z100 didn't come in clearly. I had been a loyal Elvis Duran and John Bell listener since middle school in the early 90s. I accepted the reality that my only option was 94.5 WPST (formerly 97.5) which I have since grown to really enjoy.

You could imagine my total surprise when one day while driving down Route 1 and scanning the stations, that I heard a familiar voice on Q102. Elvis Duran? On a Philly station? Did he leave New York? He definitely could not be fired!?? What's going on?? Is that John Bell's voice? Wait, Greg T is there too? And Carolina? What's going on???

Here's the 411: The Elvis Duran morning show is broadcasting simultaneously (with a few second delay) on both WHTZ100.3 and Q102.1. According to, Booker, Angie and Blair got the boot over a programming issue and Diego stayed on in an unknown capacity. He is featured regularly on the show from the Philly location. Thank you Q102 for reuniting me with my trusty morning show. It's about time that listeners from Central to Southern Jersey are treated to such a hilarious crew!

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