Long Beach Island Website

The one thing I always wish I had was an all access website dedicated to LBI with info about restaurants, hotels, shopping, etc.

It turns out that there is!

Long Beach Island Summers is run by Deb who also has a site called Surviving NJ and who has made a nice career of writing about New Jersey. Her site is a result of extensive research of the area. On her hotels link, you don't just get phone numbers and addresses from her; you get a brief description and photo. She also has tips and real estate referrals for people looking to rent on the island. If you're looking for things to do, take her advice! Since she considers LBI like a 2nd home, you can rest assured that she knows what to hit and what to skip. She even has tips on having a beach wedding with links to apparel, invitations, flowers and churches. I could go on, but I think you get the idea of how much information is available at your fingertips. And it is an easy site to navigate which is key!

So, if you're heading down to LBI next weekend for ChowderFest, peruse Long Beach Island Summers and come prepared to have fun! I'll be there!

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