Computer training for Preschoolers

Moms, now that the school year has begun, get your child signed up for the Computer Tots program. Classes are available all over the state.

You may be thinking: computer classes for 3 and 4 year olds? It's possible and it works. I taught classes before I had Maddy and witnessed the development of the fine motor skills necessary for manipulating a computer mouse. My kids learned computer terms like icon, desktop and USB port. It's a great program.

To read more, click here.

To sign-up, find the Computer Tots center closest to you.

If you live in Mercer or Hunterdon county, give owner Jen Morack a call.

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sandy223 said...

Computer assisted instruction also is proving to be helpful in remediating the types of language and cognitive delays evidenced by children who are "at risk" for school failure. In one 27 week study, preschool children demonstrated significant gains in general intelligence, verbal skills, problem solving, long- term memory, complex manual dexterity, and self-esteem when exposed to developmental software.
Sandy Romeo

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