Be Quiet and Let Me Decide Please!

I'm not gonna lie: I love my gossip sites. My favorites are PopSugar and Perez Hilton. But I have to admit, I am TIRED of all of the gossip relating to the presidential candidates. The garbage spilling about Sarah Palin alone can fill a dump truck or 5! When the details first started spilling, I was a curious, but now it's just excessive.

I will admit that this is the first presidential election that I actually care about. In the past, I didn't really research both parties to understand the issues. It's almost embarrassing, but I just assumed that I was Republican since I grew up in a Republican household and married a die-hard Republican. But I'm getting serious now and actually trying to make the best decision, the most educated vote for president regardless of party.

With that said, it is not helping that all I see are gossip and speculation on the pasts of the candidates. I guess since Obama had the spotlight on his relationships for the duration of his convention, it was time to focus on someone else. The fascination/obsession with Sarah Palin's past has just gone a little overboard at this point. But it's still not helping. All of this gossip is helping to sway the most impressionable voters like college aged and young adults. People who may be choosing a president based on popularity with celebrities rather than basing a decision on how the ideas will affect them. It definitely does very little if nothing to affect the 40+ age brackets.

At this time, I'm still undecided on my vote. I relate with both parties and have even gone as far as to take online quizzes to really see my party affiliation by the numbers. It turns out that I'm a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. Doesn't help to make my decision any easier.

So, I'm just simply asking, more like commanding, for the gossip to chill out! (You still have my love, but I just need a temporary separation)

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