Sparkle on the first day of school

The first day of school isn't just an opportunity for students to show off a new wardrobe. It's also a chance for teachers to come back looking their best (I speak from experience).

Here is an outfit that blends conservative with a night on the town. Who says you can't sparkle in the daytime?

Pair a brown pencil skirt, like this one from Banana Republic($79), with the navy sequin tank from J. Crew($69.99). Finish the look with a 3/4 length button-down blouse($28.50) under the tank. It's an unexpected look, but one that is sure to dazzle! Your students shouldn't be the only ones who are trend-setters!

*This look is also good for the office, a restaurant or a day shopping and drinking with friends!


Sharon said...

you mean tank under the blouse! Otherwise you'd be back somewhere in the 50s!!:) or in some other world :)

maria said...

hi hilary! you can earn more credits if you try dropping 300 cards everyday. ;)

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