Maddy Loves Her: Freddie the Firefly Lamaze Toy says your baby will start grasping at toys at around 3 months. Maddy has more than grasped at her Freddie the Firefly toy; she has sucked on it, hugged it and calmed down with it.

Lamaze toys are great developmental toys for babies (and make great great gifts). What is fantastic about Freddie, is that his wings crinkle, he has rings to hold onto, little mirrors and a squeaky little knob. When Maddy is fussy, she tends to get happy and distracted as soon as I put Freddie in her lap.

Of course, babies develop at different rates, but you help motivate progress by exposing them to the Lamaze toys. Freddie is actually one of the most popular registry items on Babies-R-Us so run out and get one now!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

I'm glad Maddy loves her Freddy the Firefly! I had fun picking it out!

Love, Nana

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