Holy Neocate, CVS!

It goes to show how perseverance and patience pays off. After weeks of calls to Amerihealth and coordinating with the GI specialists up in New Brunswick (who have been so helpful through this process), we finally got approved to have the Neocate covered and-the cherry on top moment-we just paid $15 for 7 boxes of Neocate! Each can makes about 85 fl oz and she is averaging about 23 fl oz a day (we get about 3 days for each can) so if we get 3 days with 1 can and there are 4 cans in each box, we now have about 84 days of Neocate before we need to restock.

We went from paying $132 per box($33 ea. can) to $15 for 7 (about $2.14 per box)! That is a 94% discount with our insurance.

For parents in this situation: Have your baby's GI doctor (if they have one) or primary care physician write a letter into your insurance stating the "medical necessity" for your baby to be on Neocate. Not all insurance carriers will cover it, but it's worth the effort.

Thank you Amerihealth!

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Public Relations said...

I think its the safest source to secure the health of babies,I would definitely go for it for my baby.

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