Another email scam!

It seems as though tutors are special targets of email scammers. I have received a handful with my Craigslist ads and this morning I got another one. If you don't know how to spot an tutoring scam, view the email below:

Hello Teacher,
I'm Rachael Wilson. I went through your description AD and I'm highly impressed and have interest in your lesson. I've a son who will be coming for holiday pension in your area, he is 15yr old. Because I don't want him playing around at the time of the day and I've make decision that instead of him playing around at the time of the day, he should be attending your lesson, so he will be coming 2hrs in a day (10am -- 12pm) or at your leisure period. Kindly calculate the cost for 1 week and let me know the total cost and i will be paying you with a certified check that will be easy for you to cash in the state. Please Get Back to me with your lesson fees as soon as you can!

If I were to respond to the tutoring request (which I did when I didn't know about this scam), you will receive another one promising a pay-in-full deal for all the tutoring sessions (upwards of $1000). However, since the "parent" cannot use their ATM card, they can only send you a money order or check for significantly more than the tutoring (a few thousand dollars) and will ask that you send back difference.

As a tutor who relies on web promotion for my tutoring services, it's very frustrating to get so many scams while waiting for a legit parent to respond.

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